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CIFFA Introduces TraversEd: A New Era in Global Freight Forwarding Education

TORONTO, July 11, 2023 – The Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) is proud to announce the launch of TraversEd, its new educational arm designed to meet the needs of freight forwarding organizations and learners outside of Canada. Building on CIFFA’s 40-year legacy of successfully educating Canadians…

Top Technology Trends Transforming The Future Of Supply Chain Management

By Siddharth Priyesh, Vice President (Americas & Caribbean), CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd For many years now, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems have been a proven tool to digitise and enhance the efficiency of supply chains. But many legacy implementations of these systems work in silos and are not able to deliver insights that respond to dynamic shifts in […]

Top Trends In Cybersecurity

As Cybersecurity continues to evolve, here are five trends Freight Forwarders should watch for: 1. Passwords Passwords are going away. This is great news for both security professionals and end users. With more than 80% of breaches resulting from weak or stolen passwords, users are bombarded with messages to create complex passwords for every system […]

Mergers & Acquisitions Deep Dive Into Digital Freight Brokers

Logistics professional working on consumer electronics circularity

By Nikhil Sathe • Logisyn Advisors, Managing Director Looking to dive into the world of mergers & acquisitions within the digital freight industry? The rise of digital freight companies has caused a stir in the logistics and transportation sector, with many focusing on improving their business models to create efficiencies and cost savings. In this […]

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