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Selling Strategies
for Logistics Professionals

Increase your effectiveness in your business
leadership role by understanding how sales
strategy and sales management affect all lines
of business. Learn how your role in the organization
can contribute to a winning sales plan.

Course Description

This course will provide you with a solid foundation in sales leadership skills. You will gain the business skills to work effectively with your organization and contribute to new sales strategy development and its successful implementation.

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$650.00 USD

Who is this for?


Managers and executives who want to improve their sales planning competency.


Those who have management and leadership aspirations.

What you will learn

The foundations of a comprehensive sales strategy

How to view your role through a ‘sales leadership’ lens

How to effectively manage customers as assets

How sales plans relate to the organization’s financial business goals

How to align sales strategy to organizational strategy

The steps to achieve a customer-centric business to increase sales


How to use key financial metrics to measure sales program success and ROI

How to coach your staff towards sales excellence

How to build a business case to support new sales innovations

How to manage ongoing sales team challenges the right way

How to improve the overall sales performance of an organization

Student FAQ

The course uses sales models and case studies from global logistics firms, but is not limited to freight forwarders.

No, the course is assessed on attendance and participation in the virtual classes, and completion of assignments throughout.

Some emphasis is on individual selling techniques, but this course teaches the learner how to understand, and build or improve a sales structure within an organization from the perspective of upper management.

Each course contains recorded lectures and exercises that
must be completed before each live virtual class. The total
commitment each week is 2 to 3 hours

Each course contains recorded lectures, readings and/or assignments that must be completed before each live virtual class. The total commitment each week is 2 to 3 hours.

There is no exam for these courses, but attendance, active participation, and the completion of ALL assignments is mandatory.

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Selling Strategies
for Logistics

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