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Easily integrate our International Freight
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TraversEd courses are designed for easy integration into your organizations educational program. Whether for classroom or online delivery, TraversEd makes partnering easy so your students get the most from the experience.

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Discover the Benefits of our International
Freight Forwarding Courses

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Learn the essentials required of a global, professional freight forwarder. Understand what it takes to move freight efficiently and advance your career. All courses are conveniently offered online and on-demand.

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No. TraversEd provides the employer with a course completion transcript for your records, along with a certificate template that
the employer and employee can date and sign off on AFTER the employer has completed training (for example job shadowing), and after the assigned assessor has confirmed they are fully competent to perform their function. See FAQ questions below for more detail.

The employer (assessor) identifies the functions of their personnel and provides them with training pursuant to that function. (TraversEd provides this portion of the training with its online lessons, exercises and exams)

Yes, employers must consider and apply any domestic and international regulatory requirements that apply to their operations that are above and beyond the scope of this training. This might include specific training related to your national framework, for example the code of federal regulations – 49
(CFR-49) in the United States.

In addition to the training completed here the employer should set up a framework at their organization where trained and experienced DG personnel administer on- the-job training (job shadowing, ongoing coaching), and will perform an evaluation certifying that the employee is competent to
perform their function.

Yes, the employer should assign assessors. The assessor must be fully trained and certified, and possess strong knowledge, skill and attitude within the function they are assessing. The assessor’s role is to fully understand the competencies of various tasks under the function, observe the performance of the trainees after they have successfully completed the training and assessment process, and finally assert that the trainee is fully functional at the task by using an assessment criteria of their design.

Yes. TraversEd will not retain transcripts and records of completion. The employer should keep record of the TraversEd transcript, as well as the dates, times and descriptions of the training provided to their employees, along with the final certificate signed by the employer. These records may be
requested in an audit.

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that this training is accepted by their national authority, and that they are compliant. This course validity is dependent on meeting national regulatory requirements. We suggest that you confirm this in advance.

A certificate confirming the completion of the course, exam and topics covered, as well as space for the employer to complete any details related to their function-specific training, signature and regulatory requirements (for example, competency codes) is provided.

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