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AACSB: International Conference and Annual Meeting
AACSB: International Conference and Annual Meeting

AACSB’s International Conference and Annual Meeting (ICAM), is your gateway to unparalleled networking opportunities with 1,300+ attendees representing 60+ countries. Connect with a global community of business educators, thought leaders, and professionals—breaking down geographical barriers to exchange ideas and create lasting connections.

Expect a diverse lineup of panels, interactive sessions, and visionary keynote speakers. Gain fresh perspectives and invaluable skills that can prepare you to lead your school or organization to a dynamic and impactful future. Featured topics include:

  • Artificial intelligence and its impact on business education
  • Solutions to enrollment challenges
  • Incentivizing faculty to create impactful research
  • Societal impact metrics

Explore emerging educational methodologies, technological advancements, and inventive approaches in business education, ensuring your institution remains at the forefront of developing the next generation of top business leaders.

At TraversEd we don’t just launch careers for logistics professionals, we prepare for the future and create opportunities. We build education and training programs that are synergistic and timely. Accreditation that keeps pace with industry change. Our customizable education packages make it easy to integrate into existing curricula or offer it on its own to your learners.


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